Feel insecure in gym

This is for all skinny guys like me and shorty or fatty guys(even girls) who feel insecure in gym.

Never compare

Never make comparisons with others in gym at all. You will definitely can’t be motivated. Fitness is journey so prsue it as it is. Never think that when ill be fit like this guy.

Stay consistent

It makes us hard to be consistent if we try to find when i want to be be like that ripped guy, fitness is never ending journey so never try to settle on one goal , always strive to become better it could be anything your strength in armwrestlling to human flag, or sprinting 100 m in 12 sec to marathon in 3 hours. Stay consistent.

Accept your genetics

Accept your genetics and learn from that. You can’t become like Arnold Schwarzenegger because he’s completely different genetics. But you could be someone that no one else could be. If someone saying ill make you look like Arnold then its total bullshit. Your muscles origination and insertion points are totally different, your digestion, hormone release, metabolism, bone length, your body shape are all different.

Celeberate your goals

Its important to celebrate your goals it will motivate you to achieve next goal.

And don’t think too much that ekther you could hold on to fitness because


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Before telling you this i wanna aware you about a term SAID: Specific Adaptation to imposed demand i.e if you put stress on muscles it will adapt itself to that stress by strengthning itsef. SAID is also seen in neuaral activities and in connective tissues.

Lets understand little muscle anatomy

If you want know how muscles contract understand it in molecular level.

In muscles cell there are two threads myosin and actin which always remain overlap and they exert force on each other by crossbridges. These crossbridges are part of myosin which pulls and shuffle on actin to contract muscle.

I’ll discuss muscle anatomy in different blog.

Now when it relaxes it muscles get lenghthened and in full range of motion it lenghthened to extreme which lessen this overlap.

Understand what happen when muscles are fully lengthened( in full raange of motion)

As you know when muscles are contracted the actin and myosin act force parallely by overlapping and by making crossbridges on each other,now when the y are relaxed they are fully lengthened overlapping is not enough, at this moment strength of muscles are low. At this this moment when muscle try to contract it will adapt itself to that same stress by increasing size and strength.

Im not saying you can’t make muscle strong or increase size if you don’t do full range motion but by doing so you put your muscle more vulnerable to stress and that is why full range exercises are important.

So basically full range of motion activate more muscles and also increase effectiveness of that specific exercise.

Second thing full range of motion is good for flexibility.

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How I learnt handstand?

I know its little hard to achieve a good handstand. Here ill discuss about various exercises which literally helped me to achieve handstand.

First we have to find which all muscles are most important for handstand.

  • Core : core play an important role as if its well trained and conditioned it stabilises the lower body when you’re upside down.
  • Forarms (flexor muscles): if you don’t got enough strength in your wrists you won’t able to achieve stability no matter how much you train your core.

Exercises:( these are the ones which i found best but you’re free to choose any other exercises if it could do the job)

  1. For core: situps, tow touch, hanging vipers, sprints, L sit and L hang.
  2. For wrist: formarm flexor curl, assisted handstand hold for 3-5mins in sets, pushups weighted, benchpress.

Now by having good strength you could achieve a handstand but it will not be straight as it should be when someone’s performing a perfect handstand. Most people stuck in the arch postion of handstand. For that you have to work on other muscles.

  • Deltoids (shoulder): this muscle work to add good posture when it is engaged properly like it is engaged in snatch.
  • Strengthened Lower back and good flexibility: this thing work as catalysts to improve your handstand.

Exercises:( again these are the ones which i found best but you’re free to choose any other exercises if it could do the job)

  1. For deltoids: pike pushups, strict pullups for posterior deltoids, assisted handstand push-ups ( if possible), snatches , again assisted handstand while shoulder engaged and overhead squat (strange but yes)
  2. For lower back and flexibility: superman exercises, good mornings with light weight, assisted tuck handstand and good stretching.

Well these are exercises you can follow. Other than this you must follow the progression of handstand just like other movements of calesthenics. Pogression exercises are

  1. Assisted handstand 5 min
  2. L assisted handstand on wall or any platform
  3. Single toe assisted handstand
  4. Frog stand
  5. When you are confident enough try to release the toe while doing single toe assisted handstand

I hope this will help you out if you found any other problems just let me know.😊

No gym? no trainer? don’t know where to start?

I know its kinda frustrating that you wanna start something but you don’t know where to start, specially in fitness, you go to Google and search or find app on playstore for few exercises for belly fat(for example) and then they give you set of exercises soon you realise maybe its not doing what i want to achieve….

Now your motivation calm down you are back to your original life from the fantasy of looking like your favourite athlete…. I know this happens to lot of people who don’t have access to gym and trainer maybe it could be any reason parents are not allowing, live in remote region, don’t have money for fee, or not have enough time to go.

Okay I’ll share something that may help you through this time if you want to bring fitness in habit.

Understand what your goal is

  • Is it a sports or discipline secific like yoga , bodybuilding, long running, swimming, powerlifting etc. Yeah i know we here only talk about field in which you don’t require much equipment.
  • Your goal could be bringing any change like weight lose , good physique, or bigger arms it could be anything.
  • Or could be achieving any basic attributes for fitness like strength, hypertrophy, endurance, stamina, flexibility etc.

Before getting further i assume that you selected your goals , now from here you could Google exercises for that sports but you are going to get same old exercises pattern ,programs and stick with it and then you’ll get some improvement but then you’ll wont going to find much out of that you have to change your exercises in order to bring changes.

Understand which attribute work your goals.

This thing is not strictly specific but i feel its the best way to achieve your goal in any fitness field

By understanding either your goal require strength exercises , stamina exercises or anything you could have much more flexibility in choosing exercises for your goal.

After that i want you learn that how muscle react to that specific type of training ( like type I ,typeII x muscle) and which type nutrition and understand the science behind that specific attributes. By doing so you could program your own exercises.

I know these things could be time consuming and experience so i want you to select your way in which you want work and start it by learning some basic exercises and then start doing it and keep learning about that field side by side. By understanding attribute of that specific you could fastly achieve your goal.

Be cautious regarding your injuries as if you’re newbie you are more prone to injuries so first of all start doing thing steadily . If you really got injured find it difficult to recover then go and consult any physician.

Gain knowledge regarding your fitness by reading journals , books and watching videos

Understand this process requires time and above given way is not universally same its which i feel find easy when it comes to start fitness or to plan workout for calesthenics program. you need to have that willpower , determination in order to have some changes.

When you finding some changes in yourselves you got addicted to it.

Good luck all newbies its feel amazing to add fitness to your daily life

Programming your calesthenics workout: Frequency for beginners

Understand what is frequency?

Frequency as in exercises is define as how much workout we are doing a week (taking this definition more deeper we have how workout i do to hit specific muscle group in week.

Types of routines and there frequency

This is an important to not how often should we workout in a week ,by the way people are not so aware about how much frequency in a week required for better progression. Following are some routine and splitting of workout in which you could achieve better frequency

Full body routine

Push/pull split routine

Upper /lower body split routine

Straight arm/bent arm split routine

Push/pull/leg split routine

Now as beginners one should focus in achieving as much frequency as possible.

Now if you are doing push/pull split routine with weekly 4 days workout then you are hitting one muscle twice a week as there will be 2 pull workouts and 2 push workouts.

But if you are doing full body routine for 3 days a week you lessened the workout by week but your frequency of hitting increase by thrice a week for single muscle group.

And if i do pull/ push split routine (i.e routine in which im hitting muscle twice) for next 50 week i have frequency of 50 x 2 =100 workout but if i do full body routine (i.e thrice a week) for next 50 week then i do have 50×3= 150 workouts ,this will make huge difference.

And further if you follow split routine your rest can exceed to72+ hrs which in not good for progression as your recovery is fast by giving such high gaps between workout will undertrain you.

But in full body routine you have 48 hrs which is optimum.

So what is better for beginners?

Full body routine

Understand this that as beginners your recovery will be faster than elites who follow full muscles split exercises. At the beginning stick with full body workout with 48 hrs of rest. As calesthenics is strength workout do only 6 exercises 2 for pulling, 2 for pushing, 2 for legs in your full body routine.

Muscle Anatomy: Biceps

Firstly lets talk about bicep brachhie which is an arm muscle everyone knows that where it is , well its is divided into 2 parts

1: Long head

Orgination: suprglanoid tubercle of scapula

Insertion :tubrosity of radius

As you could see by the locations of these insertion and origination really helps us to understand that which type of exercise hit this longa head perfectly.

See if i do incline bicepcurls at moment of time our long head strech fully as possible and this will also make it easier to achieve full range of motions. As in this poation the orogin and insertion points reaches as far as possible.

Othwr exercise like bicepcurls ,chinupa also hits this muscle specifically in exercises palm faces toward front.

2: Short head

Now lets talk about short head

Origin: Coracoid Procesa

Insertion: Tubrosity radiusfascia of forearms

Well thia muscle is little shorter but plays a good role in hypertrophy. This is placed in inner side of the arms toward your body. If we qork on this muscle its pumping pushes long head which also helps to achieve hypertrophy. See exercises like curls in which we put stress specifically on inner side of forearms or you could say simply curls in which our pinky finger tries to reach our forehead works for this muscles.

A great example of exercise is wide grip bicep curls as it tend to exceed distance between its origination and insertion points. Or if you do simple bicep curls but little extending of pinky finger towards head by rotating your fist a little that will work great for this muscle.

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